2023 Updates

2023 Updates

This year will be the lightest year I have for travel since I started my adventures, but for good reason. Just two real trips planned for this year, one in July on the Norwegian Escape out of Miami and the other going to Antarctica with stops in Buenos Aires and Ushuaia.

I’d actually be canceling the cruise on the Escape if it wasn’t non refundable just over the political climate in Florida. Would rather not spend my funds in states that have fallen into full blown fascism, so going forward I’ll be avoiding Florida, and pretty much any red state.

Antarctica planning is well underway too. So far I’m leaving here on December 14th, arriving in Buenos Aires on the 15th, Heading to Ushuaia on the 17th, leaving to Antarctica on the 19th, back in Ushuaia on the 28th and then one day in Buenos Aires on the 29th with a late flight home.

Flights are all booked but haven’t really looked much into where I want to stay in Argentina, or what I’ll do for the couple days I have in each city. Tempting to hire a guide for a couple days and be a tourist, catching the main attractions and going from there. Plenty of time to figure it out this summer though.

Outside of that, mostly I’m working on myself, getting entrenched in new hobbies, revisiting old ones, and sorting out where I want to go with life in general. A few of the things I’ve taken up spending free time on again are

  • Watercolor painting and urban sketching so I can start keeping a travel sketchbook
  • Journaling to keep thoughts straight and work though my thoughts a bit better. Helping with planning artist statements for future projects too
  • Starting work on a few personal projects for photography, narrowing focus into artistic projects and getting away from the commercial/fashion/general portrait work that I did previously
  • Working on miniature set’s and dioramas
  • Learning a new language, I’d spent a lot of time on French, but considering switching to Spanish for the trip to Argentina, would come in handy to speak at least a small amount

Alas, I have far more hobbies I’m trying to spend time on, including things like this blog, and sometimes it can be a struggle to do everything that I want to do.

Well, short update for today, I’m going to make more of an effort to post regularly, I seem to work better when I have accountability for myself.  With that in mind, there's a good chance this changes to have more random updates about what I'm working on instead of just travel.  Maybe get integrated into the photography site too, we'll see how things work out.